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a b o u t  f o l k l o r e  f a r m

Folklore Farm is a comprehensive floral and styling studio located inVermont, and servicing New York, New Hampshire, and beyond. We grow what we can in the short season Vermont allows, and utilize our blooms for weddings, events, and gatherings for all those inspired by the beauty of flowers.

a b o u t  K a t e

Folklore Farm's founder and designer started the company after yearning for a more meaningful career and desire to be in nature. With a design degree from Parsons School of Design coupled with a degree is Sustainable Development from University of Vermont, flower farming and design was a natural evolution. With ten years' working as a fashion designer, and two years' experience working and managing Burlington's StrayCat Flower Farm, Folklore Farm was born. Inspired by the wild beauty of all that grows- with and without intention, her style is a mix of modern, chic, and organic.